1982: The Art of Will Eisner

The Art of Will Eisner (1982) by Catherine Yronwode

Kitchen Sink had previously published the Eisner Color Treasury, so I wondered what this was going to be about. And instead of gathering a lot of nice art, this is more about doing an Eisner biography…

… while collecting a whole bunch of Eisner ephemera. The biographical sketches are well-written and informative, as usual by Yronwode, and the selection of stuff seems nicely done.

So we get a bunch of stuff like this, and a handful of snaps of Eisner at various ages.

A couple of stories are reprinted in full.

And even a full colour Spirit strip. (A kinda meta one, so it’s pretty apposite.)

If I were an Eisner fan, I’d be totally into this book.

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