1990: Batman: The Dailies

Batman: The Dailies (1990) #1-3,
Batman: The Dailies, 1943-46 (1991) by Bob Kane and others

As usual with these strip reprints, I’m not actually reading them, so I have nothing to say here, really — but I may go back and read them later when I have more time. So this is a placeholder article.

It must have been something of a scoop for Kitchen Sink to get DC to agree to a co-publishing venture for this. This was, after all, in 1990, while the world was still in a Bat-craze after the Tim Burton movie.

The books seem well-researched.

I just read a couple of strips here and there, and it seems really influenced by Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy.

Lots of action.

Very Dick Tracy.

And I’ve accidentally bought this twice — once as three softcover books, and once as a hardback:

Nice slip case.

And it has the exact same innards as the three soft-cover books, I think?

Oh well.

This is the one hundred and twenty-fourth post in the Entire Kitchen Sink blog series.

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