1998: Pink Dust

Pink Dust (1998) by J. O’Barr

So what’s this, then? The cover says something about “Morphine Dreams”…

… and the first thing is generically dream-like, but not very.

Note excellent use of language. “Intense velocity”. “Hemi-conscious”.

The longest piece in the book (three quarters of the space, I guess) is apparently a collaboration with J. Holland, who is only mentioned on the first page of the story, but not in the indicia or anything. The artwork doesn’t look like O’Barr at all, so was this written by O’Barr and drawn by this mysterious Holland? Or is this a very old thing drawn before O’Barr got his later style?

It does look kinda inspired by 70s Moebius, somehow…

But I’m guessing it’s pretty recent.

It ends with William Burroughs delivering a knee-slapping joke.

And then we get some drawings by O’Barr.

Well. As comics go, this is one of them.

I was unable to find any reviews of this book.

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