1993: Messozoic

Messozoic (1993) by Doug Potter

Dinosaur comics were really popular around the time, so it’s no surprise that Kitchen Sink wanted to get in on the action. But the question is always — “yes, T Rexes are really cool, but how do you do a comic book about them”? Potter goes for a mixture of didacticism and broad humour.

It’s mostly about being eaten, but as slapstick.

The problem is that Potter doesn’t really have the storytelling chops to do something like this — it’s often a head-scratcher who’s eating who, and just what on Earth is really going on.

The stories where Potter goes for broad humour (cigarette-smoking dinosaurs — that’s new, at least) are perhaps more successful.

It’s a likeable book, but it’s not quite clear who it’s for. Wise-ass twelve-year-olds, perhaps? It’s a fun, quick read, even if it’s pretty confusing.

Oh! Doug Potter! I knew that name looked familiar, but I didn’t quite place it before I saw these grotesquely bobble-headed humans…

It’s almost funny how fast Kitchen Sink’s publishing schedule reverted back to the old Kitchen Sink creators. A year after “buying” Tundra (the money flowed the opposite direction), all the Tundra projects in the pipeline have been flushed into the marketplace, and seemingly none of the Tundra creators were kept aboard. (Or very few, at least.)

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