1994: All-American Hippie Comix

All-American Hippie Comix (1994)

The front cover doesn’t allude to it, but this is a reprint of the Kitchen Sink Dope Comix anthology. Which, on the one hand, is pretty strange: Reprinting anthologies in wasn’t much of a thing back in the 90s — instead you’d extract stuff from them to make single author collections. These days, many (underground) anthologies have been given the reprint treatment, but usually as “archival” projects — i.e., reprinting the anthologies in full, without any editing.

This 144 page book can’t be excluding a lot from the original five issue run, but it doesn’t reprint things chronologically, either.

On the other hand, doing anthologies and reprints is really in Kitchen’s wheelhouse, so…

I don’t remember whether this was originally in Dope Comix?

But all the rest seems very familiar.

It’s very pro drugs, mostly.

Eeek! I’m trying out new settings on my camera, and that’s very blurry… so perhaps switch back to the previous focus mode.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that if they’re cutting stuff out, they’re not dropping… er… much. I mean, if they’re including this.

All the covers (and back covers) are also included in a colour section.

Ooh! Aline Kominsky!

Anyway, this is pretty good? Just like Dope Comix was, so that’s not a surprise. People show up with a bunch of pretty funny anecdotes, and do good work.

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