1996: The Crow: Wild Justice

The Crow: Wild Justice (1996) #1-3 by Jerry Prosser and Charlie Adlard

When will the hurting stop… OK, just two more Crow miniseries to go before I sleep.

Hey, this looks kinda cool.

But as usual, it starts off with some guy killing another guy and his family, and at this point, it’s just hard to pay attention.

Each Crowish Avenging Spirit gets their own makeup pattern? Like band members in Kiss, I guess.

Hey! This isn’t doing the usual plot! The killer asks for forgiveness, and then the Avenger gets all discombobulated? No fair!

Wow! They’re sold out of the lighters!

But you can buy as many CD-ROMs of background material from The Crow movie as you want. For only $40.

Actually… this creative team have done something quite different with the Crow formula. Instead of one revenge story over three issues, we basically get the same time period told three times: One from the point of view of the guy who’s been killed, one from the point of view of the killer (shown above) — who turns out to be a stand up swell guy, who everybody likes.

(Except for the killing people bit.)

And the third and final issue is from the point of view of the cop trying to investigate the mess.

It’s… dare I say it… a pretty good series? I like the artwork, which shifts between the scratchy mode in the opening pages and this more chunky mode, with solid blacks. And the storytelling is pretty much on point — nothing much to get annoyed by.

My expectations for this series were well below nil, so it may just be my relief at not having to read the same shit all over again, but I’d say this is rather OK.


This was good and different. The art is by Charlie Adlard of Walking Dead fame, and we don’t have nearly as much of the confusing stories and art we’ve sometimes seen in the past. Worth a read for sure.

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