1998: Best of Steven

Best of Steven (1998) by Doug Allen

This is, as the cover says, a “best of” collection. So we get a sampling of strips from Steven’s long history…

… but I’d say more than half are from the three first years?

I remember happening upon Steven here and there throughout the 80s and 90s, and I’d go “I just don’t get it”. But now, that I am old and crotchety, I mean mature and wise, I have to say… “I just don’t fucking get it”.

Steven has many ardent fans that swear that it’s the funniest strip ever, but I don’t see it.

Allen’s artwork can get pretty luscious, though.

Like I said, after the first half of the book, we start really skipping forwards.

Not that the strip changes all that much.

The most recent strips don’t say when they’re from, but I guess this is mid-90s?

After Kitchen Sink went under for the final time, TCJ asked people how they were affected.

Everybody loves Steven:

His world isn’t in dialogue with the history of comics, it’s sui generis. This book is out of print, which is a tragedy of Greek or Shakespearean proportions, because we need Steven now more than ever.

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