1995: Stacia Stories

Stacia Stories (1995) #1-2 by Guy Colwell and others

According to the introduction, this Stacia is a real person (and is a publisher of some kind?), but I have no idea who this could be. Anybody?

Most everything here is done by Guy Colwell, but there’s pin-ups and stories by others here, too.

The artists featured seems kinda… random? I.e., some of the pieces are comedy, and some are pure erotica.

The first issue is a hodge-podge of stuff, and… was the edict to not have this be X-rated? There’s some weird hand placements here.

The second issue is much stronger — it’s almost all Colwell dream sequences, and he’s got a great flow when doing these.

And he draws cats very well.

But there’s some other stuff in here, too.

All in all, it’s a pretty odd book — it’s an unusual book for Kitchen Sink to be doing in 1995, but it does feel quite of its time. It’s pretty good?

I’m unable to find any reviews of this book.

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