1990: Halsted Street: Torment & Drama from the Hog Butcher

Halsted Street: Torment & Drama from the Hog Butcher (1990) by Skip Williamson

This is apparently a collection of strips that ran in a newspaper in Chicago in the 70s?

The strip starts off using a more stark style than Williamson’s usual noodly style, and with more straightforward (and groan-worthy) punch lines.

But it doesn’t take long for Williamson to revert to his usual style of cartooning, and for most of the strips to descend into chaos.

Which I like.

And, of course, towards the end Snappy Sammy Smooth takes the strip over.

The book feels very much like a thing of its time and place: I don’t think you had to live in Chicago in 1976 to enjoy these strips, but it probably helps a lot.

This is the only review of the book I can find:

Sadly, the material hasn’t retained much of its humor, dating itself and necessitating a lengthy intro (riddled with typos) explaining the politics in Chicago at that time. Even with this introduction, the material is barely worth reading.

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