1983: Steve Canyon

Steve Canyon (1983) #1-26 by Milton Caniff

Prepare to scroll!

Or… not. OK, I’m not going to actually read these books now, so this will be a short blog post. (I may revisit these later, but reading thousands of pages of Steve Canyon would do me in. Not that I don’t like Caniff, but…)

So consider this a placeholder post.

But just some notes on the format: The majority of the run was published in magazine size (first as a stapled magazine and then squarebound), and then it flipped to a horizontal format.

The magazine format allows printing the Sunday pages properly, but the dailies get a lot of whitespace, and it all looks kinda squashed?

And since there’s seven days a week, and they squeeze in four dailies per page, that means every other Sunday page is printed in this chopped-up (but larger) manner.

Aesthetically, this leaves something to be desired. But the printing quality is quite good.

So the last handful of issues were printed in this fatter, horizontal format.

You get lots of room to really display the dailies (but still an excess of air)…

And then you get the Sunday strips like this, which looks nice. Except every other week, where the strip starts on the right-hand page.

So … that’s not perfect either. But whatchagoonado?

This is the sixty-eighth post in the Entire Kitchen Sink blog series.

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