1993: Apocalypse… The Eyes of Doom

Apocalypse… The Eyes of Doom (1993) by Juan Gimenez/Roberto Dal Pra’

So what’s this then? Kevin Eastman didn’t just own Tundra — he also owned Heavy Metal. So it must have seemed natural for Tundra to reprint things that had already been serialised in Heavy Metal — and Kitchen Sink continued that. (I mean, 1993 Kitchen Sink is basically a rebranded Tundra anyway.)

So this is an album, with an oddly anonymous name (“Apocalypse… The Eyes of Doom”) that could be about anything, that was originally published in France, then it ran in Heavy Metal, and now there’s the US album version.

While this may have been natural for Tundra, it’s just such a weird thing for Kitchen to publish: It’s not something he’d have touched with a ten foot pole before. Kitchen Sink Press was a reflection of his aesthetics (to some degree), and he definitely wasn’t into this sort of gross violence porn.

The story is really slight: It’s about a guy who can blow stuff up using ESP, and a woman who tries to use that to become a crime lord. But it’s a ridiculous premise, because any competing crime lord could just have him killed. He’s not that super.

So instead we get mystery writer who observes all this, and also goes on extended acid trips for some reason, and… It’s all just an excuse to draw “cool stuff”, and the artwork is indeed pretty cool.

The book has never been reprinted in the US, and you can still pick up copies at below cover price, so I guess nobody much liked it.

I can’t find many reviews:

This one’s so so though. The plot is good enough but I didn’t care about this mystery author or kid who could destroy you with his eyes.

That is… the entirety of the plot.

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