2016: Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink (2016) by Jon B. Cooke

Hey! Signed and numbered edition.

I read this book about a year ago as background to doing this blog. But since it’s not a book that was published by Kitchen Sink, I wasn’t going to do a blog article about it, but then I changed my mind. Of course, now I remember nothing about it, so I can’t really write much here, but… er…. it’s a long and handsome book?

Uhm… “an inbred integrity”? Is that the absolute best way to phrase that?

It’s a well-researched book, with quotes from lots of people who had stuff published at Kitchen Sink, or who worked there. We get interesting titbits like Kitchen Sink asserting copyright over early Underground work, but then they changed their minds and gave it back to the creators.

We also get the background on how the Tundra deal happened — Kevin Eastman submitted some early comics work to Kitchen, and Kitchen treated him fairly, so Kitchen was on Eastman’s mind when Eastman was thinking about shutting down Tundra.

As you may have surmised, this is a very deep look at Kitchen Sink, and as such, the potential audience is 1) me, and 2) I don’t know who else.

But I guess my interest in stuff like this isn’t wholly unique, and it’s a well-written book, so…

The book is still in print.

This is the two hundred and twenty-seventh post in the Entire Kitchen Sink blog series.

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